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Kinect 360 demo games

Kinect for Xbox 360 was the first Kinect sensor.
Below are two very simple free demo examples of  physical games. These webgames can be played with a Kinect 360 online. However, since Kinect 360 not are for commercial development and the new Kinect for Xbox one are so much more efficient and accurate, further games for 360 will not be developed here. These are just meant as a way for those who has the 360 version of Kinect to be able to try out.
Both the Pick Berries game and Catch Eggs game are planned to be produced during winter-15/-16.
Pick Berries is one of a suite of Kinect games from Mixxus Studio, intended for people with impaired mobility. The games can be part of  rehabilitation and training of movement and coordination, such as after a stroke, or can of course just be played for fun.  The games are played on an ordinary PC with a connected Kinect camera.
In Pick Berries you can train your right hand or left hand by moving your arm gently in front of you at different heights and depths, the goal is to reach for and pinpoint the berries. The video below is a short demo of the first level. In the full game the levels will increase in difficulty, demanding more precision and coordination. The game is easy to Restart at any time if the level is too difficult to complete. Train at your own speed, no timing.

Catch Eggs is another game with very simple movement, the right or left hand moves from side to side, makig the basket catch the eggs, earn extra points for the more rare golden eggs, and at the same time, one has to be careful not to be hit by rocks.
Two older demo games are available as webdemos. These demo game requires downloading Zigfu plug-in, and it is not made for the new Kinect V2 sensor, however, version for the V2 sensor is coming up (planned summer -15), read more at the top.

Play one of the Kinect Demo Games