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Bear in mind, this is the old Kinect for Xbox 360, so there might be issues and problem with drivers, firewalls, graphic cards settings and other software may occur when trying to connect Kinect cam's with computers. (And with web player type games (as here) it may add further possible complications, such as browser types and settings.) It is recommended to upgrade to the new Kinect for Xbox one.

For those who are yet not running Windows 8 and have older Kinect cam's lying around, connecting Kinect with the help of Zigfu plugin may be an fun way to just try out some Kinect gaming.

The demo games below are intended for the older Kinect sensors, and with systems not running Windows 8, however the plan is to have versions for the V2 and Windows 8, hopefully in the near future.

Before you try the game it is recommended to first try to play some of the samples on the Zigfu website, that will give you an indication if your system will be able to run the games (for reasons discussed above). If you can see yourself in the small radar and depth screens to the right and get the avatar to move, then you're probably good to go.
The Zigfu samples (and the games below) requires the Zigfu plugin. You can download the Zigfu plugin at

It is also recommended to be a little bit familiar with the different Kinect camera versions, usb connectors, and their system requirements. Here are some useful links on Kinect:

Depending on the security settings on your browser, you may need to allow your browser to run the Unity web player (for Chrome it's a setting up in the right corner), otherwise the browser will halt the loading of the game. Chrome browser may be recommended before Internet Explorer, you may experience some "stutter" which probably is mostly browser related (the games runs much more smoothly as standalone, and they may be available as downloadable standalones here later). You can also try to toggle between the browsers full screen (on Chrome F11).  

These games are intended as a demo for game development for people with impaired mobility, as such they are easy and have a slow pace and work only with one hand/arm at a time. 

(Later on there will also be some Kinect games here with faster pace that you may play just for the fun of it.)

Pick Berries for Left hand coming up soon.
As a brief tutorial, you may whatch this video