About Mixxus Studio

As it says on the start page, Mixxus Studio is a platform that integrates the production of animation, film and music composing in a smooth and simplified process. That means that when a product is being created that needs both pictures and music, they can develop together, constantly adjusting, images and music so that they fit each other and enhance each other. Most times in creative production, like in a larger film production, there will be different instances that handles the product at different stages, one team that first record the photography, later on the composer enters the stage, what follows can be a tricky business melting together the intentions of the director, photographer and composer. Mixxus Studio may not be a large production studio but can instead handle those stages with flexibility.
Mixxus Studio is a small media production studio, a small music studio (but sometimes with very "big" music), a small movie studio, but with computer animation available, the movies can be as large as needed.

And it is spelled Mixxus Studio (or MixxusStudio) with two x, not Mixus studio and not Mixusstudio which could be common spelling mistakes. The reason for Mixxus with two x goes way back in time (it had to do something with the ancient Rome and a theater play.  So, there you go.. 

Welcome to Mixxus Studio

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