In this new age of information technology explosion and production of millions of websites and youtube clips, finding information on the internet and on websites can sometimes be challenging. Sometimes you can even get the feeling you're wading up to your knees in trash of information at a dump. Yet, when it works well, you can find out what you need instantly! Keeping your website structured and not overwhelming with information can be helpful for your website's visitors, and make it easier for them to understand what to find and where to find whatever your website is about.
Having images, videos and animations, informative webguides etc, can organize the websites' information. "A picture is worth a thousand words", that goes for websites too. Have a look at the examples on the pages here to see examples on how to structure information with the help of images and animations. If you need an animation, photo, image or helpful avatar on your site, Mixxus Studio can customize it for you. Send a note to