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Need music for your Youtube video, student film, animation or website?

Mixxus Studio can customize and compose it for you. Solutions even for small budgets. Different genres, orchestral, mixed, electronic, drama, action, comedy and more.

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Finding the right music for a movie is a difficult task and needs careful handling. The wrong music can ruin your story, smother the images, or just simply miss the feeling in the film and thereby fail to contribute and heighten the story.
If one is lucky, there is a chance to find a piece of music that will work in a music library for a very small fee. However, it might be time consuming searching for the right peace, and perhaps not finding the right one. Instead you can tell here exactly what kind of music you need, the type, the length and so on, and the price will always try to be adjusted to your budget, and hopefully you get a score that works just right for your movie.
For questions and discussion of film, tv soundtrack or cues, music for websites or videos, or more demo examples of composer C. T. Ågren  please contact:



Have a look at the new XYX Docs trailer, animation and music by Tino Ågren.

XYZ Docs trailer


Listen to some examples

Example of a customized full orchestral score

Example clips of customized action scores


See some examples on how music can colour images. Here is a simple looped animation in several versions with different type of music. The last one, "Happy and Annoying", have a little different ending.

Spaceship Action

We're doomed

We're dying

Happy and Annoying