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Links to good sites and resources

Here are some links to useful software for animation and film creation (that are available as open source or free) and other interesting sites for animation tips or inspiration.

Animation and video software, free or open source

Animation and video creation are really possible for all nowadays thanks to computer technology.
Here are some open source or free animation and video software. All of these listed down below are very useful and good.
Paint.net (Photo and Image editing)
Gimp (Photo and Image editing)
Inkscape (Vectorize images)
Blender (3D sculpting, editing, animation)
Vectorian Giotto (basic flash animation and actionscript)
Lightworks (video editing)

Sites with other Animators and Animations

Here are some links to animation forums (with a friendly and helpful tone, which I think is important) and other sites with interesting animators and animations.