Mix and Master service with T-Racks

If time allows you can get your song mixed and/or light mastered with T-Rack's. Price starts with $ 35 for one song were up to three tracks needs some enhancement or processing and includes a final downmix with EQ, compression and limiting. Meaning you can send one song with four tracks and ask for EQ on basstrack and guitartrack and compression on drums, and then get a total compression/limiting/reverb on the downmix together with for example a keyboard track.

Additional $10 for each track that needs specific work on.

Price will be set generously cause this is not to be ment as a super high quality mix and master service (but good enough for a lot of occasions, presenting you're music on Youtube or wherever, demos, cd's), there are good professional services online that has this as their main work but they are also expensive. The service here is only a way to let more people be able to run their music to really good equipment (T-RackS from IK multimedia).

Price will always be discussed and stated beforehand, and you will of course get a prewiev before, and you don't pay unless your satisfied.

Contact: infomixxusstudio@gmail.com

Listen to the video examples on the other pages here, more mixing master examples will be posted here later on.