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Need an interactive learning game or game for neuropsychological training or rehabilitation? 


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This page will mainly present games that focus on a variety of cognitive functions that challenge the brain, such as memory, reaction, visuospatial ability, auditive/listening ability.

Some of the games were previous web games but now awaits updates to standalone versions.  Please come back for further info.

Where Was It! A Match pairs game, Table version

Challenge your concentration, memory and spatial ability. Click the cards and match the pairs! Choose the version that suits your screen size best (smaller browser window, medium sutitable for laptop or large for larger screens. 

Where Was It! A Match Pairs Game, Nature version

Enjoy the game in a peaceful nature scenery


Place Bricks

Challenge your visuospatial och constructional ability, put the bricks together to make them form a Cube. This level is pretty tough...



Games for Kinect

Physical games, suitable for people with impaired mobility . New Kinect Games for PC available on Windows Store.  Play Country Ramble Games with Kinect Xbox One and Windows.

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