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MixXus = Mix x us or Mix multiplied with us, meaning that the mixing of qualities may result in a whole that's greater than its parts

Mixxus Studio is a small, creative studio for the integration of 3d animation, 3d modeling and music composing. It is more of a digital carpentry workshop than a business. Mixxus Studio creates games, models and music for its own sake but can also be of help for other developers or creators. If you need help with an aspect of your creative product, animations, film or game, chances are that we can work together in a smooth and simplified process. Meaning for example that when a product is being created that needs both pictures and music, they can develop together, constantly adjusting images and music so that they fit each other and enhance each other. Many times in more larger, creative productions, the process could be more compartmentalized, there could be different instances that handle the product at different stages. The ambition of Mixxus Studio is to help out with maintaining your intentions, to be flexible and affordable.


It is spelled Mixxus Studio (or MixxusStudio) with two x, not Mixus studio or Mixusstudio which could be common spelling mistakes. The reason for Mixxus with two x goes way back in time. Mixxus Studio has its roots in theatre and film. The name Mixxus, is basically a quasi math term, Mix x us, "Mix multiplied with us" referred to the many different personalities in the theatre group. The many differences was seen as an asset, something to cultivate and explore. (It also had a touch of ancient latin.)

For Mixxus in these days, with different aspects in media production, this notion continues to live on. Combining different qualities may lead to interesting and creative outcomes. Having interests in psychology, neurology, neural networks, music, film, theatre, 3D modeling, computer programming and animation may lead to unexpected areas where each one can contribute to the other.

Mixxus Studio is physically located in the deep forests of Sweden but digitally located globally and reachable for anyone who'd like to get in touch!

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