3D Musical Instruments

3D models of Classical Instruments, fairly low poly for use in games or videos

Available on Unity Asset Store

Violin, Stradivarius model, 4914 triangles, bow 142

French Horn, brass color, 4016 triangles

Trumpet, brass color, 4036 triangles

Timpani, hand hammered copper, 3164 triangles


dark red wood

2204 triangles

March Snare Drums, different sparkle wraps, black, champagne, blue and red, drum mesh 128 triangles and rim mesh 3552 triangles

Here you can download a Curtain, fbx file, and a simple Stagefloor texture to try out the instruments to. The Curtain fbx is scaled to fit in Unity, try to give it a material with hex color nr #4541DB or any color you like.