Astronaut Journey

Astronaut Journey - How to play

Solution to Kinect not turning on after Windows update

Astronaut Journey description and video tutorial on how to move in Standard Play and Easy Play down below.

Standard Play movements

Aim and Shoot

Aim and Shoot, turning sideways, up and down

Moving right or left diagonally up...

...right/left up, turn knee outwards and up

Move right/left downward

Move sideways, left or right arm out

Move up (Only in wormholes)

Move down (Only in Wormholes)

Easy Play movements

In Easy mode you can play sitting down.

Note: In current game version the screen with text "Wating for camera..." at start in Easy Training mode never turns off. Just ignore that, you can still train and fly, will be corrected in a later update.

Aim and Shoot, hold hands in front of you

Right or left arm up sideways to go diagonally up

Right or left arm down sideways to go diagonally down

Right or left arm to the side to go sideways

Move straight up, hand up in front of you

Lift right or left foot slightly up to go straight down

Move right or left foot far out to the side to Pause game, hold position a few seconds

Read full Astronaut Journey Tutorial PDF

Video tutorial for Standard Play movements below

(Video tutorial for Easy Play mode coming later)

Example of flying in 3D anaglyph mode. (You need to put on some 3D anaglyph glasses to view the effect.)

Screenshots of normal mode and 3D anaglyph mode down below.

Motions in Astronaut Journey (see video above and read full pdf tutorial for more details)

Make sure the Kinect camera can "see" you properly.

There are two main different modes in Astronaut Journey. Flying in space with your jet pack. You do some motions to set your jet pack engine going. And very handy, you have a ray gun in front of you, use it like a bike handle. Shooting makes you lose energy, fly into the Energy clouds to get more energy. If you're lucky, further on in the game, you can get overloaded and have some really strong weapons.

Don't let the enemy or asteroids hit you, our you will lose power and eventually die.

Once in a while you run into a wormhole, try to fly in the tunnel without touching the walls, if you can make it the whole tunnel, you will earn extra power. And you will end up a bit closer to Earth.

If you run out of both energy and power, you can land on a planet to search for more. Just fly towards the side where the planet is, as far as you can get and soon the planets gravity will take you down.

If you make so far you are near the earth, reentry process starts. Keep in line with the navigation track, follow instructions, fly towards the red needles that will show up when earth is close. Move carefully, if you deviate too much, too long time, you will drop out of trajectory and missed the chance to come home.


It's essential for surviving the shots from the alien bots by be in constant moving.

To move sideways, put your right or left hand straight out to the side and hold.

To move upright, put your knee up in 90 degrees, turn it out diagonally to the right side and hold.

To move downright, bend down on one left leg and put your right leg straight out to the right side.

To aim and shoot put your hands in front of you, like holding a bike handle, turn your hands sideways like turning a bike to aim, you can also lift and sink your hands to point the bar up and down.

Point to the enemies, you may need to hold them in sight before the shot go off.

Note: Some mega asteroids cannot be shot and destroyed, you need to cruise between them to get away. Pay attention to where they are to not bump into them. Fly carefully or you will suffer damage.

In Wormholes, yes, you can find them and fly in them, you just use sideways motions and straight up or down motions. For Up put one hand straight up. For Down, bend your knees.


Once you landed on a planet, you walk, like walking in place, use right or left hand to point your hand ray gun towards monsters. Hold the beam steady at them for a few seconds to make them vanish. (Right or left hand can be selected under Settings)

You can turn sideways by putting your hands in the panels in front of you. The panels above can make you walk backwards.

Find an energy or power bulb to get you out of the cave. If you have full value of one of them, a top panel will show up, put your hand high up touching the panel, and you will fly back into space.

For Walking, you can watch the tutorial and video for Country Ramble Games on this site, for BingoWalk and Cave mode in Astronaut Journey, those motions are the same.

A game from Mixxus Studio ©

Music and (most) Sound FX by C.T. Ågren ©.

Thanks to NASA for some great real space sounds.


Words from the designer...

Space this awesome, endless, intriguing place.

So, what if you could be part of one of the Apollo journeys? And go even farther out? And then be in all those classic games, Astro Shooter, "Shoot'em up", Space Invaders type of, Descent and similar games and add a feeling of the Alien movie, but with yourself moving around and facing the enemies? Well, I wanted to play such a game and here's the result.