Make your own Film Studio

This page is for those who are eager to try out their ideas, who love to create stories, to create images or music. If you really feel the need to be creative, don't let technical obstacles, lack of equipment or budget be in your way. Whether you like to work in paper, 2D, 3D, analogue or digital you still can benefit from the stunning computer technology of today.

Many of those software are free and available for all and we'll start with three of them here.

Also, it doesn't need to be too difficult to learn, think about all the tutorials out there.

On this site I want to share tips and links on how to go about. This is not about making things perfect. This is about looking out through windows, try out new ideas, getting inspired and experimenting. There will be no straight lines, no specific orders of topics, some things will seem crazy and perhaps of little use but could be a way to try out methods that could be used in other contexts. 

For more perfection and deeper knowledge, there are plenty of books, sites and courses where you can dive deep into techniques in different crafts that are just touched upon here. And they are crafts, it can take years to master them. But a craft is also the ability to produce something out of ideas that bides in our heads. We have never had so many technical and digital opportunities to make things happen. Ever since the camera and motion pictures were invented, people have placed that camera, pushed the button and rigged something to happen in front of it. We will just continue to do that with even more options now.

Here are some.

Blender, from, a free and open source for content creation. That is you can create just about anything with Blender, 2D, 3D, video editing, technical models, furniture, game assets, hdri images and more.

Unity, the game engine. Put your stuff in here and do just about anything. Tell your characters to move around and let a  manual or cinemachine virtual camera follow them.  Unity  also has a free, personal license alternative.

Gimp, also a free and open source software for image manipulation, that is draw something, create images from scratch or fix your images or photos for your project.

Tutorials and information related to creating film and animations

Descriptions on how to make a transparent background on drawings and photos to bring them in to the 3D world. Go to page

Bring a 2D paper Stickman into a 3D world created from photographs or computer objects. Go to page

Create a rigged character with animations in Blender for use in Unity. Go to page

You can find more topics from the page "Tutorials".

To be continued...