How music color images

Music can have an enormous impact on images. Just put on your favourite movie and turn the volume all the way down to experience how much. Try to turn on some other music from another audio source and see if the images changes in character.

So, choosing the right kind of music for a project is important. However, sometimes we don't know what music will fit the best for our images or films. Should it be something that is more congruent with the emotional value of the images or something that is radically different? This is the creative and fun part, this is where 1+1 can become more than 2.

Below are some simplified examples. The animation is simple, the music is simple, but it can serve as a short example of how music can contribute to images.

The looped animation is the same but in multiple versions, each one with a different type of music. The last one, "Happy and Annoying", have a little different ending.

(Note, you will hera a "Watermark" in form of a voice saying "Demo")