Find detailed info on:

From there you can read following:

"We have an updated Kinect for Windows driver + runtime as well as an updated platform extension that addresses issues using Win 8.1 store apps with Kinect for Window on Win 10 1809+. These updates do not impact any other scenario, and you only need to manually install these updates if you are using Win 8.1 store apps on Win 10 1809 or later.

The platform extension is not yet available via the Microsoft Store, and the driver + runtime update is currently available through Windows Update for PCs opted into either the fast, slow, or release preview Windows Insider rings.

If you like, you can try out these updates right now by doing the following (any feedback is greatly appreciated):

Make sure you are on Windows 10 1809+ (x64)

Install the updated driver + runtime either via windows update (PCs opted into Windows Insider fast/slow/release preview rings) or by downloading directly at:

If you download from the link above, please make sure you install by right clicking on kinectsensor.inf and selecting “install” (Do *not* run KinectRuntime-x64.msi directly).

Download the updated platform extension here:

To install the platform extension, extract the .zip file and double click on each of the .appx packages. Make sure you install both packages.

After both updates are installed, you will need to grant both webcam and microphone permissions to a Win 8.1 app before it can access the Kinect.

If you are still having trouble using the Kinect V2 and Win 8.1 apps on Win 10 1809+ after following the above steps, please let us know."

    • Step 1. In short, the first step in the description above, the new driver, could already be installed, make sure you have: Kinect for Windows Runtime 2.2.1905. If this driver is installed, it should be listed under Settings - Apps and looks like this: Click on Start - Settings, then choose Apps.

If you don't have the 2.2.1905 version, go to for download.

Unzip and right click on kinectsensor.inf and select "install".

Note: Some have had troubles getting this installed properly, you may have to manually uninstall your old Kinect Runtime version first.

    • Step 2. Install Microsoft.WindowsPreview.Kinect.8.1 2.2.1905.16001 (both for 32 and 64).

Go to to download the WindowsPreview platform extension.

Make sure you install both the Win32.appx and x64.appx, right click or double click on them to open, one at the time, then you should see this:

Do not forget to allow the Kinect to use Microphone and Camera. (It should ask when you start the games.)

Now, if everything is allright, you can play the games!

If you still having issues, please contact