Play Us! A voice and sound interactive game

Looking for testers

Questionnaire Study

Perceived usability of sound controlled game

If you have a disability that makes it difficult or impossible to play computer games using mouse and keyboard buttons, you're welcome to participate as a tester and get access to a downloadable game that is solely sound controlled.

Parents and carers can reply too.

The difficulties can be due to motor impairments or cognitive impairments.

Currently looking for up to 10 participants. Apply before end of May 2022.

How to participate

  • Send an email to Describe shortly in what way you (or the one you care for) have trouble using computer games.

  • You will receive a redeem code and will then be able to download the full version of Play Us! from Microsoft Store.

  • After you have played the game, please send your comments and views back with mail. Your answers are completely anonymous, they will be separated from your email to a document. This document will only save comments, no email information. All emails linked to study will then be deleted. No names or ages will be used. Your comments may help further development in sound controlled games and apps.

Safety notes:

About photosensitivity: Follow usual safety regulations for photosensitivity and screen exposure (TV, computer screens etc.) If you are prone to seizures do not apply.

About respiratory impairments: This game can be physically tiresome, like singing if you use your voice a lot. Take rests and pause if you are feeling tired. Set input volume on microphone at adequate level so you can produce sound at a comfortable level without shouting.

Parents and carers should not leave player unattended.

Questions to answer (how much and how detailed you want to answer is optional)

It's not so much about if the game itself is fun or not, we all have different tastes for games, but rather is this a method that would be useful for other games or apps in your opinion? Examples: Is it easy to control the game or is it hard to get the volume on your sound right? Do you get easily tired if you have respiratory issues? If you have a cognitive impairment is it too complex or is it intuitive? Do different scenes in the games work better than others for your specific needs?

  1. How did you experience controlling and playing the game with sound?

  2. Things or scenes that worked well:

  3. Things or scenes that did not work well:

  4. Could sound controlled game help improve feeling of self control for those dependent on others? Your thoughts?

  5. Could sound controlled game be of use in communication apps? Your thoughts?

Using Play Us! in clinical research

If you are from a public health care organization or similar and would like to use Play Us! in a project or in research you're welcome to contact Mixxus Studio for access to full version of the game. Contact