More info and background

Prices for tracks can of course vary heavily, depending on how complex and long tune is needed and if you would like exclusive* rights or not. A non-exclusive track can vary from about $2 to $12, exclusive tracks can be in the range from 10 $ and up (to about $200-300). More complex orchestral music often requires more time. No obligations for ordering music. You simply don't pay until you're satisfied with the piece. After you stated what type of music you need, you will be given a demo watermarked example. If you find that it suits your project, you pay and can download the song without watermark and you have the licensed right to use it in your movie or website or similar. If you are not satisfied, it's okay, then the piece will go on to my library and perhaps fit some other project. I only compose music from the heart, so no song will be made "in vain". All songs will be original artwork, I never use factory made loops without processing, no stiff quantized percussion, which means that every track will be unique. The policy here is to try to adjust to each individual budget, if you have a very limited budget, then it still can be possible to create a simple tune that doesn't take to many hours of working time, but still can suit your movie.

If you decide to buy a song, you will get a personal link and the track will be available to download

The purchase can be made with PayPal. It is also possible to arrange with invoice.

You can get the song in different formats, mp3, 24 bit wav (44.1 or 48 kHz). The tracks are of course ready mastered.

Contact for more questions and details.

* Exclusive license mean that only you have the license for the track, a non-exclusive license mean that the song can be used by many, and therefore, a non-exclusive track can be a lot cheaper than an exclusive. A custom track can be both non-exclusive and exclusive. Customized simply means that you get a tailor made, fresh composed track depending on the need for your movie. If you don't need that track to be exclusive, that track can later be sold to some other project.