Mixxus Studio Music and 3D Games Production

Music and Animations for games, film, apps and web design

Kinect games for Windows, cognitive challenging games

Mixxus Studio integrates the production of 3D animation, games and music composing in a smooth and simplified process

Get help with your creative projects from a digital workshop

Contact: infomixxusstudio@gmail.com

Need custom music for your film, animation or game? Mixxus Studio can compose it for you. Suitable both for the mini budget and larger productions.

Games, neuropsychologically challenging or Kinect games also suited for impaired mobility.

Need an animation for your game, video, website or presentation? Or a custom 3D model for a project, game or from CAD drawing, high or low poly?

Mixxus Studio can create it for you.

The combination of music, 3D animation and game production can tailor specific media products needed for websites, interactive software, presentations and other occasions. See examples in the links above or just send a mail for discussions of your needs and projects.

Contact: infomixxusstudio@gmail.com

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