Questions and things to concider when searching for Music for films, videos or games.

    • How to find a Composer for your film?

Search the Internet. (And you can start with trying out this site and see if Music from the Composer here may suit your project.) Talk to people on film forums. Listen to music in Indie films, Youtube films. If you have a huge budget and want John Williams to score your film, you probably won't read this, but if you have a small budget, you may search for someone who can compose music like John Williams or some other great movie composer. Just be a little careful when asking a composer to create music that should sound like something previously written; Think of a music piece as something with a life of its own, a soul. What if Lucas had asked J. Williams for a score "something sounding like this or that", maybe the Star Wars Theme never would have been written. Trust the composer, and look for composers that can bring life to your scenes, composers that can write music with soul. Of course you can ask for a particular style or mood, a good composer should be able to listen and understand your intentions and adapt the music to fit your scenes.

    • How to find a Composer for your video?

See above.

    • How to find a Composer for your game?

See above.

    • How to find Music for your film?

If you want unique music for your project, you can hire a composer. (See text above.) That can cost a lot but doesn't need to. There are Composers who are willing to work very cheap or for nothing. (If they are willing to work for free, my personal thought is that they are either a) extremely rich and have not much else to do, b) still living in their parents home and perhaps therefore not so experienced.) There are Composers (like this one on this site) that may adapt to whatever budget you have and try to create music that still can function well for your Project.

If you don't need unique music, that is, exclusive music, you can search for production music. Production music or library music is music tracks already written and recorded to be inserted in different projects. This field is huge, there are good production music and there are, let us express it gently, not so good production music. You just have to search the Internet, there are lot of different sites, and lot of different license types available that you should be aware of. You may start by browsing music on this site's production music site The Film Score Store

There are also production music tracks available as exclusive tracks, they will of course be more expensive. One can say that when you are ordering music from a Composer, you get production music, either a non-exclusive track (the track can be sold to others too) or an exclusive track (it's only for you).

    • How to find Music for your video?

See above.

    • How to find Music for your game?

See above.