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Kinect games for Windows

Kinect Games for PC on Microsoft Store. Use Kinect for Xbox One sensor with an adapter to play on a Windows 8.1 or 10 computer.

These games are both for fun and exercise, for all ages, can also be played in easy or seated mode which can make them suitable in physical therapy.

Solution to Kinect not turning on after Windows update: Read more at bottom of page or Read full driver help description here 

Updated may 19, 2022. What about Kinect for Azure? We are still waiting for the new Kinect, it is still in developing phase and out of stock. Read more at bottom of page 

Astronaut Journey

There's been an accident with your spaceship, alone in space, far away from home. Can you make it back home to earth with nothing but your Jetpack and a raygun? Fly home to earth and fight alien bots and monsters, land on planetcaves to find resources. Finally, in reentry to Earth, watch out for spacejunk!

Available on Microsoft Store

The current updated version on Microsoft Store now has the ability to save position in game (it takes time to reach Earth) and the option to play in an easy, seated mode. Finally for those of us who are fan of 3D Anaglyph vision, you now have the option to fly in that mode, just use ordinary 3D anaglyph glasses. (Like the ones used to watch Creature from the Black Lagoon on TV for example.)

Astronaut Journey - How to play

Country Ramble Games

Country Ramble Games consists of three different variations of walking games, BubbleWalk, PokerWalk and BingoWalk. You walk around in the countryside, trying to either pop bubbles, collect cards to get a good poker hand or find bingo items. The games are intended both as recreation and as a way to get exercise in a simple way. Mind you, these are not action games. Country Ramble Games may be played by people with impaired mobility or a disability as well as people who want a little more than an ordinary walk, just level the step height button. The games are simple in their design and will suit people also with less experience in computer gaming, perhaps even with cognitive difficulties. As results can be saved and viewed in plotted line graphs or in high score tables, the games could also be useful in a clinical context, such as in stroke rehabilitation. The Music in the games consists of a mix of old folktunes (walking tunes), classical pieces with a somewhat modern arrangement. Above all they are for having fun in an uncomplicated way!

Country Ramble Games description

PDF tutorial on how to play Country Ramble Games Tutorial PDF

Country Ramble Games

Wall Ball

In Wall Ball for Kinect you kick ball against a Wall. You get one point each time you hit the wall (not that difficult), you can also get extra points if you hit objects that pop up sometimes. Avoid letting the ball touch the area behind you or you could lose balls (you start with five balls).

Wall Ball for Kinect description

PDF tutorial on how to play Wall Ball Wall Ball for Kinect Tutorial PDF

Wall Ball

Mixxus Studio strives to design Kinect V2 games both suitable for people with impaired mobility as well as for those looking for some challenging exercise. It should not matter if you are a kid looking for some action or an elderly person with sparse computer experience.

To play Kinect on your PC, you need (a computer) a Kinect camera for Xbox One (or Kinect for Windows) and an adapter, a large monitor or TV screen is preferable. 

The manufacturing of the Kinect sensor and adapter has been discontinued but you can still download the SDK and view system requirements for Kinect from Microsoft's download center.

We are waiting for the new Kinect for Azure to see if it is possible to make updates of the games above and create new ones!

General technical info:

Games are made with Unity

•This application requires the Kinect v2 or 

Kinect for Xbox One sensor.

•Make sure your system is compatible with 

the Kinect v2 or Kinect for Xbox One 


With Kinect you download the Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0 software


• System requirements:

• 64-bit (x64) processor

• Dual-core 3.1-GHz (2 logical cores per physical) or faster processor

• Dedicated USB 3.0 controller

• 4 GB RAM

• Graphics card that supports DirectX 11

• Windows 8.1

• Run the Kinect Configuration Verifier at

Solution to Kinect not turning on after Windows update

Windows 10 update version 1809 (and 1903) have had troubles with Kinect. There are now updated drivers from Microsoft, you can get them manually, see info at

After a Windows update version to 1809 or 1903 this issue may affect the games below and results in that Kinect won't turn on as it should when you press play in the game. Updating the drivers as described in the link should solve the problem.

Important: Make sure you install both Kinect preview Blue 32 and 64.

Read full driver help description here 

After you updated the drivers, it should probably look like this...

In Device Manager, for WDF Kinect Sensor Interface 0

Driver version 2.2.1905.16000

In Settings - Apps

"Kinect for Windows Runtime v2.2_1905"

Also make sure you only have one Runtime, the new one, you may have to uninstall the old one first.

Please contact Mixxus Studio or MSDN forum if you still have problem with this.


To read about issues with Kinect and proper function:

Privacy Policy

What about Kinect for Azure?

It is still in developing phase and has not yet been released for consumers. The new Kinect, called Kinect for Azure, is built with a different system than Kinect for Xbox. It will probably be much more convenient to handle, it is smaller and more easy to connect to a computer, just with a USB cable.

Hopefully it will be here soon!