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Psychology Lab

Psychology Lab, a serie of games and tests that focus on a variety of cognitive functions that challenge the brain, such as memory, reaction, visual, spatial and auditory ability.

On this page you can find games and tests that serve both as recreation and fun but also challenge your brain and cognitive functions. Exercise your memory and concentration in a memory game. Stay alert and inhibit your impulses in reaction tests.

Mentally challenging brain games on Microsoft Store , developed with neuropsychological expertise.

Where Was It! An unusual 3D Memory game, walk around in a nature scenery maze and match pairs of hidden objects. Also with classic table version.

Physical games, suitable for people with impaired mobility . New Kinect Games for PC available on Windows Store. Play Country Ramble Games with Kinect Xbox One and Windows.

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Where Was It?

From Where Was It?

Need an interactive learning game or game for neuropsychological training or rehabilitation?


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Where Was It?
Where Was It?
Where Was It?

Read full description here: Go to Where Was It? page or view video tutorial above.

Available on Microsoft Store

Challenge your concentration, memory and spatial orientation ability. Walk around in a maze and find matching objects. Or play classic board style version where you click the cards and match the pairs!

In 3D Walk, move forward and turn around by using W, A, S, D keys (or toggle M to turn with mouse), click to open boxes. Look for matches. Follow your progress in charts.

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Psychology Lab - Basic Reaction Tests

Measure your reaction times on visual and auditory stimuli. View results in charts.

Psychology Lab Reaction Tests
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Coming soon...

Fast Reaction!

A game that really puts your reaction and ability to keep your head cool to the test and where you need to make the right decisions at the right moment. Find the evil bots and shoot'em up before they get you.

Later on...

Place Bricks

Challenge your visuospatial och constructional ability, put the bricks together to make them form a Cube.