Information and details

Get your own personal, original, custom-made animation or 3D model!

Examples of custom 3D models

  • Models and assets to use in games or other 3D software. These can be as low poly as you need. FBX or OBJ format or others.

  • Models to use for converting to 2D drawings like CAD, or 3D models from 2D drawings with specified dimensions.

Examples of custom animations

  • Animation to use in games (avatar or object).

  • Animation for presentation or information video.

  • Animation for instructions.

By ordering a custom animation or model you may save some time. Searching through websites or libraries is time consuming and maybe you don't even find what you are looking for. The idea here is that you can specify exactly what you need and what your budget is.

You don't pay anything until you are happy with the result. There is no cost for ordering (if you don't want the model or animation, it will find another purpose).

If you need music or sound, you can choose that too.

Price is depending on quality (honourable workhours) but is always stated before and in discussion with you.

This policy makes it suitable both for the large and small company or private person with a small or even tiny budget. You always get at free preview and if it suits your expectations, then you pay to get the license for the model or animation and a link to download. Payment are made with Paypal.

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