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The love and enthusiasm for Kinect

Ever since I read about the Kinect in a short newsarticle, long before it was on the market, describing that in the future you should be able to use only your body as a computer control, I knew I wanted to use such a device.

The first games that came together with the Kinect from Microsoft, Adventures and Kinect Sports, where great. One should have expected a development of a bunch more great games but it didn't really happen. One reason may have been that programming for Kinect simply was difficult. Think of it, the methods to create usable information from skeletal movements and bring that into game logic. Then there were the technical issues when you had the camera in the home of the gamers. It's demanding for a user to understand how you should place yourself to get the most out of it.

Now, there is a new version of the camera, the V2 or Kinect for Xbox One, that is even better than the first 360 version, more accurate, more easy to use. The technological opportunities for developers has increased, so hopefully we will see more great Kinect games.

As Mixxus Studio since many years back had been involved in the production of theater, film and video, animation, music composing, and dev also has background in physical theatre, dance, the diseases of aging, neuropsychology, and furhermore the CGI and other computer technical possibilities catched up, it was finally obvious, Kinect games were going to be a part of Mixxus Studio's production since the Kinect sensor had possibilites and threads into all these areas. The Kinect camera can be used in medical examinations and research, in physiotherapy, in exercise, as a motion capture device in animation or for enhancing game experience.

Games I want to play

The games that you will find on Mixxus Studio Kinect Games are games that I wanted to play but have not found yet elsewhere, these are games I like to play. Some will be easy and for recreation, some will be more physically challenging. I'm gonna let my fantasy dwell on the stuff I love to view in movies, in stories I've read, earlier games I've played. Space, Monsters, Dinosaurs, Fantasy landscapes, with happy or exciting music. I'm gonna try to build them so every age can play, whether you are in physical shape or not. I also like the movements to be realistic (as far as it is possible). If you have the same taste as I have you may find pleasure with these games, if you like other kinds of game, you may find those somewhere else. Lets hope for more great Kinect games.

To start with, we have two rather easy games, Country Ramble Games and Wall Ball for Kinect. Later on, hopefully this summer, an Astronaut Journey will be ready.

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