Custom Animations, 3D models, game assets and videos

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Animations and 3D Models

See some examples below:

Need music for your animation?

Get it here.

Ways to get information quick and easy to survey,, using 3D models and 3D animations in videos for demonstration and instructions.

Or perhaps just something nice for your site

Maybe something in old fashion 3D anaglyph mode. You need 3D anaglyph glasses to view these floating spheres in this 3D stereoscopic version.

3D Models to demonstrate your Products

Promotion videos for artists and bands, these could be videos of you performing, cartoons, or abstract images, almost everything is possible.

Some examples of illustrative music videos where focus is on just getting some very simple illustrations to accompany the music.

(These particular videos are some old Swedish folktunes, read more)

Trailer example for comedy Sci fi video, XYZ Docs

Perhaps you need an information video, a 3D demonstration of objects, an instruction film on how to use something, or enhance your web page or PowerPoint presentation with a short animation artwork that quickly shows what you want to say, faster than words, or use it as an original element in your web design.

If you don't have the time of searching thousands of animations in different libraries that perhaps won't even fit your purpose, save time and tell here exactly what you need (and what your budget is). And you can decide the type of soundtrack too if you need one. Price is depending on quality (honourable workhours) and length but is always stated before. Suitable also for the small company or private person with a small or even tiny budget. You always get at free preview and if it suits your expectations, then you pay to get the license.

For questions and information, contact: