Computer Game Technology

Using Computer Games Technology in other areas

Real world meets computer world.

A photo captured real rock wall interacts with computer generated collision objects with the help of Photogrammetry.

Using technology associated with computer games could be beneficial for a variety of industries, business activities or offices. To what extent they already are using this kind of technology or would like to use it, is probably depending on whether they have employees that are somewhat familiar with the development in this field.

When new computer technology is developed, the game developers will probably be the first to try to make use of it in a broader sense and apply it in different ways. For any business developer, it could be a good idea to consult a game developer and let some ideas take off.

Questions to ask could be - how and where in my company or business could computer technology be used in a new, creative way?

Areas to consider and get inspiration and ideas from:


How to communicate with our clients, customers, employees? How to make things user friendly? User interfaces. Catching attention. Accessibility (for people with cognitive or physical impairments or just making it easier for everyone).

Capture and Reconstruction of reality

The bridge between our real world and a computer created world.

Creation of 3D models and assets, for planning, visualizations.

Creation of 3D representations of the human body, brain, internal organs, face and motion tracking of movements.

Simulations, collisions, fluids, lighting, complex calculations.

Photogrammetry, reconstruct part of a building or nature

Architecture, test ideas, view them in different lighting

Visual and auditory monitoring

Use of cameras (like Kinect) and microphones for monitoring, detection, measurements and recognition of objects or humans. AI, computer based vision for use in industry and healthcare. Robotics, robot workers, palletization, depth sensing, assistive technologies.

Visual effects and animations

Create realistic or beautiful visual effects for use in presentations, illustrations, demonstrations and education.

Microsoft's Kinect for Azure, example of utility of depth cameras